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4 THE TEKE q SUMMER 2015 current budget better, please reach out to TKE Headquarters and we would be happy to help. 5. Work on your recruitment skills - This is the area we have the most overconfidence in. We all believe that because we have been recruited or know the basic facts about our group and TKE as an organization, we are prepared to recruit. There is an absolute art to recruit- ment and we all need constant work to be better. We must analyze our campus for the best places to hold events, work with our men in role-play situations where they can address concerns of potential members, and educate our entire membership on the costs of joining TKE. We should be proud to discuss costs of our organization. The benefits you receive being a Teke far outweigh the cost you bear as a collegiate member. Understanding facts and figures creates the confidence you should have in discussing the magnificent obsession TKE is and the impact it can have on potential new members. These are just five thoughts that lead to our success. There are far more that you and your fellow Fraters can think of through experience as alumni members or through the life of a collegiate member. During the summer, we must make ourselves and the organization we love better while others are relaxing, while classes are few and far be- tween and when the energy and excitement of a new school year is upon us. The work we put forth now will yield results in the year to come. Cheers in advance for a great 2015-16 academic year! Fraters, I love the Fraternity! Yours in the Bond, Donald E. Aldrich Chief Executive Officer CEO MESSAGE By far, my favorite season is summer. While fall and winter are the seasons the TKE year is in full swing with officer elec- tions, RLCs and preparation for a strong spring semester, summer is the time to reflect and focus on making our organiza- tion and ourselves better. Much like all sports have an offseason to review the prior season's performance and train for a more fruitful future, we have the opportunity to dominate our competition by outworking them while they are enjoying their summer off. What steps can we take to improve this summer? Here are my suggestions for a great TKE offseason. 1. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses Often, we only look at what our weaknesses are and what we can do to improve them. It is equally as vital to look at what we do well and ensure we are continuing to grow our strengths. 2. Set goals and share them - We all need challenges to chase and our goals should be attainable, yet stretch our abilities. Second, we must openly share our goals. Once our goals are shared with alumni, community members and amongst ourselves, we feel the accountability to achieve them. 3. Conduct an officer and chapter retreat - Summer is the greatest time to get your officer core together to gain skills and plan for the next year. This retreat should have goals and an agenda. It should be an event that focuses on enhancing the abilities of each officer and unites the officer core toward common goals. A chapter retreat is a great opportunity to share the road map for the upcoming year and to work on the strengths and weaknesses of your group. 4. Finalize a budget - A budget is crucial to the amount a group can accom- plish, and this includes the amount and scale of social events they can have. If your group has not created a budget before, or would like advice on how to make your Summer: TKE's Offseason Training Donald E. Aldrich

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