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SUMMER 2015 q THE TEKE 3 he Teke Sitdown: Dave Calabro Sportscaster for Indy's WTHR Eyewitness News and the voice of the Indianapolis 500, Frater Dave Calabro shares his hometown story. International TKE Sweetheart Mio White Bob Barr Frater Bob Barr takes a look back on his time as Grand Prytanis and recalls the journey that began at the University of Southern California. Top Performing Groups The Fraternity for Life Fraters Patrick McElroy, Tom Kuhn, Mike Peck and Greg Gentry share what the Fraternity for Life means to them and how we can all get involved. VOLUME 108, NO. 2 Current Grand Prytanis and past congressman, Frater Bob Barr from the Beta-Sigma chapter at the University of Southern California. 26 SUMMER 2015 ON THE COVER: IN THIS ISSUE 8 FEATURES 12 21 24 CEO Message CAC Corner Teke Insider Frats Die #IAMTKE From the Archives Alumni Corner Buckwheat's Corner Volunteers of the Month TKE Educational Foundation DEPARTMENTS 14 13 15 34 38 7 4 36 6 11 16 8 12

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