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Those who work for the good are as those who do the good." From the embossed cover of a notebook, tossed on the chair of my bedroom, the words caught my eye. I was in the middle of packing for a recent trip, but those words disrupted my efforts as I paused to reflect. I find myself returning to these words, spoken by the founder of St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital, Frater Danny Thomas (Gamma-Nu, Toledo). I write this letter at the offices of the Grand Chapter as 27 collegiates, two Grand Council members, six members of the Professional Staff and a volunteer are at St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital - learning best practices, hearing testimonials of patients and doctors, and fundraising for an outstanding cause. I know in my heart that Frater Danny would be proud of his Fraternity. When is the last time you worried about your continued existence, your mortality? Most wake up, only carrying the stress of yesterday and the excitement of tomorrow. Very few have had to wake up, look at their child or their significant other, and wonder if today will be their last day with us. To know that their tomorrow may never arrive. Without St. Jude, thousands of children would be stripped of their tomorrows. Families, stricken with unimaginable grief, would have to learn how to cope with the loss of a child, brother or a sister. Ive been blessed to visit this amazing hospital more than a dozen times in my career at TKE. Each time, it touches me differently. Inspired, shaken to my core, hopeful and driven. Ive walked next to children in little red wagons, being pulled to their next treatment. Ive eaten in the Kay Kafe, alongside families and patients, witnessing their ability to smile still - to just be a family for one more day. Though none of us are promised a tomorrow, what we as the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon are doing for the families at St. Jude is giving them the hope that a tomorrow can exist for them. Frater John Rose (Pi-Epsilon, Christian Brothers) is a prime example of that. I had the privilege of getting to know Johns story by accident. A Facebook ad about a local photo shoot brought Frater Rose to our attention. The researchers, doctors and nurses, and donors at St. Jude were able to give John more than just hope, they gave him thousands of tomorrows. People like Fraters John Fabsits, Chris Catizone, Mario Landeros, E.J. Luna, Max Behl and countless more, are just a few out of thousands, who are fundraising to help achieve Frater Dannys dream that no child should die in the dawn of life. As his final TKE event before Conclave, Venerable Grand Prytanis Frater Christopher T. Hanson (Alpha-Pi, George Washington) is currently attending the St. Jude Collegiate Leadership Seminar. This investment into our partnership showcases the level of dedication Tau Kappa Epsilon has to St. Jude. To me, building Better Men for a Better World is embodied in our commitment to this worthy cause. Be proud that as a Teke, you are as those who do the good. Yours in the Bond, Alex Baker Editor THE TEKE THE TEKE is the official publication of Tau Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity. TKE was founded on January 10, 1899, at Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, IL. THE TEKE (ISSN 1527-1331) is an educa- tional journal published quarterly in spring, summer, fall and winter by Tau Kappa Epsilon (a fraternal society), 7439 Woodland Drive, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46278-1765. Periodicals Class postage paid at Indianapolis, IN, and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: send address changes to THE TEKE, 7439 Woodland Drive, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46278-1765. THE TEKE STAFF Donald E. Aldrich, Chief Executive Officer Rho-Upsilon, Franklin College Alex Baker, Chief Information Officer and Editor Upsilon-Iota, IUPUI Garrett Thomas, Director of Communications Upsilon-Iota, IUPUI 2017 - 2019 GRAND COUNCIL Christopher T. Hanson, Grand Prytanis Alpha-Pi, The George Washington University Dr. James Hickey, Grand Epiprytanis Zeta-Alpha, Wagner College Ted Bereswill, Grand Grammateus Gamma-Upsilon, University of Texas at Austin Ryan J. Vescio, Esq., Grand Crysophylos Rho-Omega, University of South Carolina MG Charles Whittington, Jr., Grand Histor Pi-Psi, University of Southern Mississippi Anthony F. Clemens, Grand Hypophetes Nu-Mu, University of South Alabama Rob J. Guarini, Grand Pylortes Sigma-Nu, State University of New York at New Paltz John K. Fabsits, Grand Hegemon Xi-Eta, Missouri Western State University Michael Beals, Grand Council At-Large Epsilon, Iowa State University Michael McEvilly, Grand Council At-Large Beta-Eta, Missouri S&T / University of Missouri-Rolla Zain Islam, Collegiate Advisory Committee Chair Upsilon-Mu, NYIT-Manhattan CONTACT THE TEKE Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity 7439 Woodland Drive, Suite 100 Indianapolis, IN 46278-1765 Tel: 317-872-6533 Fax: 317-875-8353 Email: Website: 2019 Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Inc. the teke THE PROMISE OF TOMORROW

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