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120 years of Tau Kappa Epsilon will no doubt invite resolutions by many. For those who know me, they know I am not fond of resolutions. Why wait to chase your goals on January 1 when you can start chasing them today? Lets make a commitment rather than a resolution! Lets share these personal and group goals and hold each other accountable to them. Let us not allow the stories of why we havent been successful write our future. Let us define 2019 to the world! Championing the mission and principles in TKE not only improves our Fraternity and those around us, but breathes life into our Bond, driving us to act. For as our founding document states, We believe that a fraternity should be a brotherhood in conduct as well as in name. Faith without works is dead. Pledges of brotherhood not succeeded by observance in conduct are as sounding brass and tinkling cymbal. By the tenor of our daily action we should evidence our devotion to the principles we have solemnly obligated ourselves to observe. Imagine if that was the paragraph everyone could recite. Happy Founders Day and congratulations on 120 years, TKE Nation! Yours in the Bond, Donald E. Aldrich Chief Executive Officer REVOLUTION, RESILIENCY, AND RESOLUTIONS CEO MESSAGE We, the members of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, hereby declaring our strict adherence and unswerving fidelity to what we believe to be the basic prin- ciples of true friendship, do ordain and adopt this our Declaration of Principles. With those words, the revolution of Tau Kappa Epsilon was born. The challenges, debates, and setbacks of membership in Phi Delta Theta were set aside, and the horizon of what we could become was our singular focus. As we celebrate the 120th birthday of our orga- nization, it is important that we spotlight our heritage and highlight our potential. If asked to select a word to define the past and present of TKE, there are many inspiring and meaningful examples that come to mind. My choice would be resilient. We have survived two World Wars that almost decimated our entire membership, evolved through a great Depression, expanded our membership during the past four decades, and been nimble within the current technological age that has redefined how universities interact with Greek Life. The defining characteristics of a Teke and the leaders of our organiza- tion, whether locally or internationally, have been that we strive valiantly to grow individually, expand our impact, and safe- guard our principles and mission. As we move into 2019, the Teke spirit, alongside our mission and principles, is as critical as ever to our success as a society. The world needs more citizens who will improve those around them and lead humbly. This new year and celebration of THE TEKE 4 WINTER 2018

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