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Most mornings, I wake up to the ramblings of my nearly 4-year-old son, ready to start his day with cartoons and defiance. Those Fraters with kids will understand or remember the many mornings where you fight with your kids to brush their teeth or get dressed for school. Some days, it seems, what I have accepted as our normal morning routine, is so foreign to him that it's like the first time we've ever needed to brush his teeth. Especially on those days, I ask myself, "How do I inspire greatness in my son?" How can I help drive my son to be successful in life, to inspire him in a way to not let life's challenges and heartaches get in the way of his own success? Though I've yet to figure out the right routine each day so the simple task of brushing your teeth becomes an accepted daily reality, we, on the TKE Professional Staff, have a motto given to us by Grand Histor Maj. Gen. Charles Whittington (Pi-Psi, Southern Mississippi): "Be brilliant at the basics." A similar motto has been passed around by Admiral William McRaven whose theory on success starts with making your bed each and every day. His theory from his commencement speech at University of Texas Austin in 2014 became so popular, he released a book which became a No. 1 New York Times Best-Seller. In this issue of THE TEKE, we feature multiple chapters chasing greatness, including four of our Top TKE Chapters: Omega (Albion), Epsilon-Eta (Southwestern Oklahoma), Iota-Kappa (Clarkson), and Tau-Omega (Carleton). Many of these groups, even the ones not featured in this issue, have shared with us that to be successful, you need to focus on the little things and strive to be better every day to achieve more than the day or week before. We also are covering the major policy announcement and leadership stance the Grand Council has approved to ensure Tau Kappa Epsilon's future-an issue they have studied for more than a year including multiple focus groups with our top volunteers as well as many collegiate members from across the country. The issue is simple. TKE must take a leadership stance amongst our peers and ensure the safety of our members and guests. This courageous leadership demonstrates the Grand Council's desire to have Tau Kappa Epsilon be the greatest fraternity in the world. This new policy reaffirms our commitment to building a culture that is not defined by mistakes that so often plague Greek Life-a commitment that is shown on this issue's cover just as it was in evidence on the cover of the January 1979 issue and throughout the history of THE TEKE's publication. Building a Championship Culture requires us to constantly and correctly identify the true value of Fraternity. For nearly 120 years, Tau Kappa Epsilon has stood unwavering for our principles. When times were tough, critics aplenty, Tau Kappa Epsilon strived toward greatness by holding our values near and dear. So, maybe thanks to TKE, I've learned more about how to inspire greatness than I give myself credit for as a parent. Now if I can only teach that 4-year-old that we must brush our teeth twice a day, he can one day achieve greatness. Yours in the Bond, Alex Baker Editor THE TEKE CHASING GREATNESS THE TEKE jt!uif!pgdjbm!qvcmjdbujpo!pg!Ubv! Lbqqb!Fqtjmpo!Joufsobujpobm!Gsbufsojuz/!ULF! xbt!gpvoefe!po!Kbovbsz!21-!29::-!bu!Jmmjopjt! Xftmfzbo!Vojwfstjuz-!Cmppnjohupo-!JM/ UIF!UFLF!)JTTO!2638.2442*!jt!bo!fevdb. ujpobm!kpvsobm!qvcmjtife!rvbsufsmz!jo!tqsjoh-! tvnnfs-!gbmm!boe!xjoufs!cz!Ubv!Lbqqb!Fqtjmpo! )b!gsbufsobm!tpdjfuz*-!854:!Xppemboe!Esjwf-! Tvjuf!211-!Joejbobqpmjt-!JO!57389.2876/! Qfsjpejdbmt!Dmbtt!qptubhf!qbje!bu!Joejbobqpmjt-! 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Fabsits, Hsboe!Ifhfnpo Xi-Eta, Missouri Western State University Michael Beals, Hsboe!Dpvodjm!Bu.Mbshf Epsilon, Iowa State University Zain Islam, Dpmmfhjbuf!Bewjtpsz!Dpnnjuuff!Dibjs Upsilon-Mu, NYIT-Manhattan CONTACT THE TEKE Ubv!Lbqqb!Fqtjmpo!Gsbufsojuz 854:!Xppemboe!Esjwf-!Tvjuf!211 Joejbobqpmjt-!JO!!57389.2876 Ufm;!!428.983.7644 Gby;!!428.986.9464 Fnbjm;!!ulfphdAulf/psh Xfctjuf;!!xxx/ulf/psh !3129!Ubv!Lbqqb!Fqtjmpo!Gsbufsojuz-!Jod/ the teke

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