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you will be in better shape. Consequences are positive or negative depending on our actions. Consequences must be clear, con- sistent, and create accountability toward our goals. Preparation is the second influencer toward the growth of a championship culture. Countless stories have been told of gold medal winning athletes or Academy Award winning actors/actresses and their preparation. I once listened to an interview of the actor Will Smith who said the following, "And where I excel is ridiculous, sickening, work ethic. You know, while the other guy's sleeping? I'm working." Will Smith understands preparation sustains and fosters a culture of success. Does your chapter, colony, alumni association, or Board of Advisors embrace preparation? Recruitment is be- ginning on many campuses soon. Are you planning mock discussions where chapter members practice recruiting members with concerns? Championship teams practice and prepare for every situation. Are we? This is just one example where we can build a championship culture. I encourage you to interact and challenge our staff and volunteers to aid you in building this culture if it doesn't exist or ask that we assist in adding to the great- ness you have achieved. I have confidence that we will build this culture together at every level of TKE; in fact, our Fraternity expects it now. Fraters, I love the Fraternity! Yours in the Bond, Donald E. Aldrich Chief Executive Officer I f you joined us for the 59th Bien- nial Conclave in New Orleans, the title of this message is familiar. If you weren't able to join us, I want to introduce you to the theme of the 2017-2018 year of TKE-Building a Championship Culture. As you think of championship teams in any sport or industry that has cre- ated success, there are attributes that are copied throughout time. These include sacrifice, preparation, dedication, pas- sion, communication and expectations, among many others. Tau Kappa Epsilon has made major strides over the past few years to commit to running a champion- ship level organization, but now is our opportunity to emulate this culture across every level of our beloved Fraternity. Where do we start if we are ready to build a culture such as this or if we want to check ourselves on whether it exists in the circles we run? I would challenge that it starts with two items-expectations and preparation. Expectations are the largest influ- encer that drives preparation and results. There is a large difference between being asked to do a task versus expected to perform one. An expectation as to how an event is planned, how new member education is led, how the leadership of a group communicates, how the alumni of a group interact and contribute can separate the successful groups from those who wish and hope for success. Expectations drive not only how those in leadership act, but how everyone acts. Expectations drive accountability and consequences. Many see that last word, conse- quences, as a negative word; I would chal- lenge that it is not. If you exercise each day and eat well, the consequence is that BUILDING A CHAMPIONSHIP CULTURE CEO MESSAGE THE TEKE 4 FALL 17

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