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High ropes challenge at Leadership Academy XXX in Colorado Springs VOLUME 109, NO. 4 WINTER 2016 ON THE COVER: FEATURES 4 CEO Message 5 CAC Corner 6 Frats Die 7 Teke Insider 8 Expansion 16 From the Archives 18 St. Jude Partnership 20 Alumni Corner 32 TKE Educational Foundation 36 #IAMTKE 37 Everyday TKE Heroes 38 Volunteers of the Month DEPARTMENTS 10 Dennis Buckwheat Perry Retires After nearly 45 years of service, Buckwheat joins the volunteer ranks. . 15 Boise Tekes Raise $13,000 for Family in Need Nu-Eta Chapter surpasses goal at TKE Week. 22 Cover Story The Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Leadership Academy has impacted the lives of more than a thousand Tekes for more than 25 years. 28 The Sitdown Mu-Beta Frater Sam Holbrook reflects on his road to becoming an MLB umpire. 34 Regional Leadership Conferences View Pricing, Dates & Locations for 2017. USPS Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation CORRECTION: In the last edition of THE TEKE, we inadvertently used the incorrect logo for Susquehanna University on the cover. We sincerely apologize for this error. THE TEKE 3 WINTER 16

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