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laid the bedrock of principles that we can highlight and thereby motivate others to join our organization. The challenge is that we have to live by them each day. We are all held accountable for these actions. This accountability does not always trans- late into punishment or sanctions as you might imagine. If a group in TKE sells that they build better men for a better world, but they don't, they will see less men joining or worse, the wrong people joining their group. The men in our chap- ters and colonies reflect the brand of TKE on their campus. They reflect the brand of TKE in our world. We have groups throughout TKE where the campus culture has been called an honor and privilege to join our ranks-as it should be! They have created a brand that people want to be associated with. We have to expand our minds into thinking this way about our Fraternity. How can we be more like Starbucks, Apple, and Under Armour? These are three brands that people are passionate to be associated with. Price isn't the largest factor, nor the time commitment to drive to their stores or the energy to program their devices because they believe in the brand. They aren't just customers of the brand, but ambassadors, and proud of it. We need more positive ambassadors of our brand. We must expand the amount of passionate men who want to join it and inspire the world around us to sup- port it. Tekes are trailblazers to progress and inspiring a new member to join TKE is a vote of confidence in the direction of our brand. We all have a role to play in creating a landslide victory for our Fraternity in 2016. Will you help us get out the vote? Yours in the Bond, Donald E. Aldrich Chief Executive Officer E lection season is upon us here in the United States. In view- ing the landscape as a student of history and politics, I come to one major conclusion-we need more Tekes to take the lead in shaping our future! This doesn't mean we all have to become politicians or public servants. It does mean we act on the ability and responsibility to improve our campuses and communities through our actions each day. You will read in this issue of THE TEKE about many collegiate Fraters who are creating a trail of excellence. These men are impacting our society at a critical time for the future of TKE and our world-one lacking leadership and one where our existence as fraternity men is being questioned throughout our academic institutions. This state only emphasizes how important a role TKE can and must play. How do we play this role? We recruit. We live up to our values. We expand our brand. We as Tekes have a never-ending challenge to bring more men into our or- ganization. Meeting this challenge allows us to enhance our influence by making a bigger impression on our campuses. It allows us a larger footprint in our world as more men buy into our brand and our values. These values of love, charity, and esteem, alongside judging men based on their personal worth and character, are timeless. They cross age demographics, religious backgrounds and race. They are the tenants of our five Founders. Those men looked at the world around them and wanted to create something better. They believed the character of a man was much more important than the honors he had or the house he grew up in. These principles we have an honor and respon- sibility to inspire and grow in others. It is why recruitment is vital and why we must always be working to add large numbers of men of character to our groups. I have great news. Our Founders Vote TKE in 2016 CEO MESSAGE DONALD E. ALDRICH THE TEKE 4 FALL 16

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