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VOLUME 109, NO. 3 FALL 2016 ON THE COVER: FEATURES 4 CEO Message 6 CAC Corner 7 Frats Die 8 Teke Insider 9 Buckwheat's Corner 13 From the Archives 14 St. Jude Partnership 16 Alumni Corner 34 TKE Educational Foundation 36 #IAMTKE 37 Everyday TKE Heroes 38 Volunteers of the Month DEPARTMENTS 10 The Sitdown THE TEKE sits down with four Frater- nal Services Consultants to learn their tricks of the trade. Byron Reyna-Corzo, Santos Lara, Zachary Scott and Adam Hanna share their favorite Teke experi- ences and how they are going to impact the Fraternity. Once again, THE TEKE highlights four of the 12 Top TKE Chapters for 2015-16 by honoring them with a regional cover. Each subscriber to the maga- zine has received a unique cover based on where they initiated. 10 18 Fraternal Services Report TKE features our award-winning Top TKE Chapters, Top Teke Individuals, Top Teke Recruiters and Most Improved Chapters; we focus on other success- ful chapters with Excellence Awards in Academic Success, Extracurricular Activities, Alumni Relations, Community Service, Chapter Size & Results. We recognize four top performing chap- ters from across the country-Alpha- Gamma, Washington State University; Epsilon-Beta, University of Tampa; Epsilon-Kappa, Loyola University Chicago; and Iota-Beta, Susquehanna University-and their journey from be- ing an ordinary group to achieving status as a Top TKE Chapter. THE TEKE 3 FALL 16

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