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Erik Huberman, Founder and CEO at Hawke Media - Forbes 30 Under 30 VOLUME 109, NO. 2 SUMMER 2016 ON THE COVER: FEATURES 4 CEO Message 6 CAC Corner 7 Frats Die 8 Teke Insider 14 Alumni Corner 15 Life Loyal Teke 22 From the Archives 23 Buckwheat's Corner 24 Chapter & Colony News 28 St. Jude Partnership 34 TKE Educational Foundation 36 #IAMTKE 37 Everyday TKE Heroes 38 Volunteers of the Month DEPARTMENTS CORRECTION: We shared in the last edition of THE TEKE the annual Mu-Zeta softball game had occurred regularly for the past 20 years. In truth, the event had celebrated its 43rd consecutive game . 9 TKE Announces Return to Arkansas State Beta-Psi, the home chapter of Elvis Presley, Mike Huckabee and 14 Top TKE Chapter Awards, returns to Jonesboro. 10 The Sitdown Frater E.J. Snyder, reality TV star and renowned sur- vivalist, talks about his experiences from "Naked and Afraid" and his introduction to Tau Kappa Epsilon. 16 Cover Story Erik Huberman, founder and chief executive officer of Hawke Media, shares his journey from the Univer- sity of Arizona to Forbes 30 Under 30. 32 TKE International Sweetheart Bridget Boyd, representing the Alpha-Tau chapter at Drexel University, has been chosen as the 2016 Tau Kappa Epsilon International Sweetheart. THE TEKE 3 SUMMER 16

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