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The first line is always the most intimidating. A blank page, flicker- ing curser and countless thoughts. Where do I start? It's a question I ask myself near the completion of each edition of THE TEKE. It's at this point where our team has written, designed, reworked, tweaked and finalized a product we are proud to share with our readers. And in these pages, I believe we have once again captured the essence of Tau Kappa Epsilon-the Spirit of the Fraternity. We are proud to feature Frater Erik Huberman on the cover of this edition of THE TEKE. Huberman, founder and chief executive officer of Hawke Media, is a young, bright entrepreneur who is destined for success. His recent accom- plishment of being named on Forbes' 30 Under 30 for Hollywood & Entertainment has catapulted his personal celebrity and company's position in the market. And in many ways, Huberman reminded us of another prominent Teke, Frater Steve Forbes. In our fan-favorite section "From the Archives," we took a trip down memory lane to relive Forbes' introduction to the Fraternity at the New Orleans Conclave in 2009. Also included in this issue is the recognition of our top recruiting chapters. And let us tell you here and now: the numbers are magnificent. Recruitment has skyrocketed and it's clear the Fraternity is growing. It should be noted that such growth is due in part to Director of Expansion Gabe Espinosa. His efforts have allowed us to return to campuses such as Texas A&M and Arkansas State. In this edition of "TKE Insider," he shares how recent graduates and seasoned alumni alike can make a difference for the Fraternity. Lastly, I was left in awe by the fundraising efforts of colonies, chapters and alumni associations for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital over the past year. When TKE announced its $2.6 million, six-year commitment to St. Jude in February, we knew it was going to take every member's contribution for us to reach our goal. I'm proud to say we've seen tremendous buy-in across the board. However, there's one chapter in par- ticular that outshined even the brightest groups: the Xi-Omega chapter at Virginia Tech, raising more than $60,000 during their annual three-day TKE Week. It's truly been an honor working with our collegiate and alumni members over the past several months in the production of another edition of THE TEKE. I'm biased, but this might just be our best piece yet. Boy, I hope I'm right. Yours in the Bond, Alex Baker Editor, THE TEKE 2016 Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Inc. THE TEKE is the official publication of Tau Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity. TKE was founded on January 10, 1899, at Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, IL. HOW TO CONTACT THE TEKE Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity 7439 Woodland Drive, Suite 100 Indianapolis, IN 46278-1765 Tel: 317-872-6533 Fax: 317-875-8353 Email: Website: HOW TO SUBMIT STORIES/PHOTOS Send news & photographs for THE TEKE to the ad- dress above . Chapter news should contain information about events, community service projects, and other no- table achievements. Articles and photos can be emailed to Mail hard copies and prints to the Offices of the Grand Chapter. Digital photos should be at least 300 dpi in resolution or on a digital cameras highest-quality setting. Photos showing alcoholic bever- ages or members displaying inappropriate behavior will not be accepted. the teke Capturing the Essence Content Deadlines Spring - December 1 / Summer March 1 / Fall June 1 / Winter - September 1 THE TEKE (ISSN 1527-1331) is an educational journal published quarterly in spring, summer, fall and winter by Tau Kappa Epsilon (a fraternal society), 7439 Woodland Drive, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46278-1765. Periodicals Class postage paid at Indianapolis, IN, and additional mailing offices. All alumni Fraters who donate $10 or more to the TKE Educational Foundation, Inc. will receive a one-year subscription to THE TEKE . Its our way of saying thank you and of keeping you informed regarding whats going on in your Fraternity today. MISSION STATEMENT VISION Tau Kappa Epsilon creates lifelong relationships that enhance educational, interpersonal, community and professional success. MISSION Our mission is to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life. PURPOSE TKE contributes to the advancement of society through the personal growth of our members, and service to others. POSTMASTER: send address changes to THE TEKE, 7439 Woodland Drive, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46278-1765. THE TEKE STAFF Donald E. Aldrich, Chief Executive Officer Rho-Upsilon, Franklin College Alex Baker, Chief Information Officer and Editor Upsilon-Iota, IUPUI Daniel Klopfenstein, Communications Specialist Alpha-Gamma, Washington State University Katie Sayre, Production Manager 2015 - 2017 GRAND COUNCIL Rodney G. Talbot, Grand Prytanis Beta-Chi, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale Christopher T. Hanson, Grand Epiprytanis Alpha-Pi, The George Washington University Ted Bereswill, Grand Grammateus Gamma-Upsilon, University of Texas at Austin Dr. James Hickey, Grand Crysophylos Zeta-Alpha, Wagner College Brian Montgomery, Grand Histor Gamma-Upsilon, University of Texas at Austin Fredrick T. Jacobi, Grand Hypophetes Lambda-Alpha, University of South Florida Ryan Vescio, Grand Pylortes Rho-Omega, University of South Carolina Anthony F. Clemens, Grand Hegemon Nu-Mu, University of South Alabama Rob J. Guarini, Grand Council At-Large Sigma-Nu, State University of New York at New Paltz Peter Sobich, Grand Council At-Large Chi, University of Washington Jonah Griego, Collegiate Advisory Committee Chair Tau-Psi, University of West Florida THE FIRST WORD THE TEKE 2 SUMMER 16

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